Just like a play needs an outstanding opening scene to hook the audience, every event needs a WOW factor to intrigue and capture your guests' attention. Let us help you create a magical event with our wide selection of fabrics, candles, vases, pillars, lighting, and so much more!

Ceiling Draping

Add drama and romance to your event with beautiful fabrics draped from the ceiling of any event center, business, outdoor venue, or home.


Bright or subdued, we can transform a room with just the right light. Cafe lights, spotlights, candles, chandeliers, lanterns - you decide what strikes the right mood. Shine on. 


Looking for something a little different to jazz up a space? We have multiple fabric options to fit your desire for the unique.

Backdrops & Entryways

Invite your guests to an unforgettable experience when they walk through a beautifully decorated entryway. Create a beautiful backdrop for that kiss that seals your union.  We can help you adorn your special moments.

"Thank you so much for coming to our wedding preview and for the beautiful ceiling drape! You guys always do such an amazing job, and we appreciate it!" -Kendra